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Building transformational Blockchain applications for the distributed economy.
Our solutions enable new sources of competitive advantage.




ALGOLΞÐGΞR is an intelligent distributed Customer Relationship Management platform powered by Ethereum blockchain technology.

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DAssets.io is a blockchain-powered digital assets platform.

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ΞTHΞRAIÐ is a global blockchain-based donation platform. It creates a transparent, immutable transaction record of donations to chosen Aid organizations.

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We envision a blockchain-powered future. Let our experience building distributed blockchain applications help your organization develop and execute a blockchain strategy that drives competitive advantage and operating efficiencies.

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"The Blockchain Revolution - Where Can We Go From Here?"

University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance
October 2015

 "Will Your Future be Blockchained?"
 "Why is Blockchain Innovation Trustless?"
 "More Than Legal - How Smart Contracts Will Transform Your Enterprise Software Landscape"
 "The World is Your Think Tank"
 "Ethereum: The World Computer"

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For CPA Canada, Leading Knowledge is delivering a special report assessing the impacts of blockchain technologies on corporate reporting and capital markets.


Alan Wunsche

Alan Wunsche, MBA, CPA, CA

Founder, CEO

 Email: alan@leadingknowledge.com

Alan has a passion for cutting edge information-based innovation and brings over 23 years of cross-industry financial, risk, and technology management consulting and executive experience. Alan has held leadership roles at PwC, Deloitte, Scotiabank and a variety of tech startups.

Alan is currently leading technology strategy projects and exploring ways to reinvent business on the Ethereum blockchain.

Laura Pratt

Laura Pratt, PMP

COO, Project Manager

 Email: laura@leadingknowledge.com

Laura is a project management professional with experience leading a variety of projects in the technology and not-for-profit areas.

Laura leads research and prototype projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

Leading Knowledge is looking for technology experts to work on transformative projects.

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